Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mothers' Day

Pat invited us to his yacht club for Mothers' Day. He cooked and we sat in almost summer sun.

Here's Nita


Katie's first child is expected in November. She's working fulltime and going to college fulltime! I'm really impressed.

Jack is Katie's husband and father of Katie Darling.

Jack, Katie and Katie Darling with a view of Stephen in the background.


Pat and Stephen

When we were here for Pat's birthday, the lake looked grim in the cold overcast. Looks like Texas today. Summer's comin'.

There were presents for the mothers. Nita brought kites for Stephen and Katie Darling.

I saw them whispering out of the corner of my eye. They called me over to take their picture. When I raised the camera, they submerged.

Oh, well, they have to breathe sometime.


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