Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dottie & Ray's Fiftieth - Part 7 – The Party

Dottie & Ray's Fiftieth - Part 7 – The Party

Ray and Dottie’s party was held at Normandie Farms – a restaurant in suburban MD … dates from early 30s … was way out in the country when I was a kid. Ray & Dottie ate their wedding dinner there ?? (or was it first date) … in any case dear to them.

You may need to look back at Part 1 to keep the people straight. Note that Blogspot begins to archive blogs when they get too long. So if you can’t see Part 1, look back in the August archives.

Ray, Dottie and granddaughter, Callee, at the party.


I’m horrified to notice that I didn’t get a picture of Ray’s brother Larry and his wife Sylvia.
Here are Ray’s brother Joe and his wife, Bobbie.

Roger & Karen

My aunt Bea & her daughter-in-law, Jane.

My cousins, Jay & Jeanie. How did Callee get in this photo? Callee's eyes had major red-eye. I read all sorts of complicated remedies for this problem. I ended by selecting the red at very high magnification and replacing red with a near white. This takes seconds compared with some of the more elaborate techniques.

Mike & Maura

Jeff & Julie

Joe & Dale

Wayne & Jean. Jean is the girl next door. Dottie and I and our brothers and sisters were Jean and her brother and sister’s playmates from age 6 to high school.

Joe & Katie. Katie is Joe & Julie’s mother.

This is a picture of grammar school friends Dottie has stayed in touch with. We’ve known them since second grade.

It got to be time to talk. Here are Ray & Dottie’s sons proposing toasts etc.

Granddaughter KC sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Well done, KC!


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