Friday, August 19, 2005

Dottie & Ray's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary - Part 1

I'm completely revising what I've already written.

This is about the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of my brother-in-law, Ray Beauregard, and my sister, Dottie.

I'm abandoning my original chronological order. This picture is like my mental view of Ray and Dottie - there is always a child involved. This one is their granddaughter, Callee. To try and keep the people straight, I'm going to spell out how people are related. Only those whose pictures appear in the blog are mentioned.
My father's children: I, Dottie, Anne, Roger & Marie
My father's sister, Aunt Bea and her children, Jay and Jeanie
Ray and his brothers, Joe and Larry
Ray & Dottie's children: Mike, John, Bob and Steve
Anne's children: Ellen & Cathy
Roger's children: Julie, Joe & Kerry
Next generation:
Mike & Maura's children: Kevin & KC (I don't know if this is spelled out or written with periods)
John & Cindy's children: Chris, Jill & AJ
Steve & Lee's children: Danielle, Jarrett & Callee
Matthew & Ellen's children: Duncan & Danielle
Gordon & Cathy's children: Sam & Ethan


Mike & Maura




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