Saturday, July 30, 2005

Gameboy Gone

Warren begged his parents for a Gameboy. His father thought video games were a waste of time and energy unlike the computer he had bought for Warren. In weeks, Warren had become an Internet adept. He downloaded new browsers and mail agents for everyone in the family. He set up a firewall and cleaned spyware off all the family’s computers.

Warren was an A student and used this fact to finally persuade his parents to buy him a Gameboy for his birthday. The parents caved. Warren was ecstatic when he pulled the wrapping paper off his most desired birthday present.

From that moment, Warren played incessantly with the Gameboy … in the mornings before school … after school until his mother made him turn things off and go to bed … all weekend long.

At the end of the next six weeks, Warren brought home a report card filled with C's and showing the only D he had ever earned in his life. Warren’s father sent a younger sister to invite Warren down from his bedroom / computer-den / Gameboy-cave to the patio. There Warren watched his father throw the Gameboy into the swimming pool.


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... along with the TV!

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