Thursday, August 11, 2005

Camera, Optimist Feast, GIMP

I'm headed for (sister) Dottie's 50th wedding anniversary celebration ... (wife) Nita will be with her sisters ... I bought a camera (nobody says "digital camera" anymore). I downloaded GIMP (... Image Manipulation Program) from .

GIMP is useful for cropping, color correction etc. I found it to be an incredibly able drawing, shading etc. tool with bottomless capabilities.

The Optimist Club Nita and I belonged to folded some years ago. Four couples from the club have remained close. We go out to dinner once a month. Our friends David & Jo couldn't come this month. Our friend Fred couldn't come. I'm using the blog to send them their pictures. I'll have some commentary on each.

This is an indoor flash picture of Walter. Sometimes details on people's skin interacts with the spacing of CCD electronics that take the picture leading to objectionable, large-scale graininess. I put GIMP's despeckle filter on it. Works like a champ! Unf, the glasses hide Walter's eye. Else this would be good likeness.

This is an indoor flash picture of Walter's wife, Joyce. I've cropped it pretty closely.

Next, a flash picture of Marvina. Cropped and a couple of strong hilites from the flash subdued. Fred is Marvina's husband.


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