Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bruce & Mary Fuhr's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Here are Bruce & Mary.

One of Bruce alone.

Bruce's sister, Midge, and her husband

There was a lot of banter about who took the better picture. I think hers is better. Joe & Mary Jernigan.

This little darlin' was up way past his bedtime. Come to think of it, Mom and Dad don't look real lively either. Bruce & Mary's granddaughter, Mary, her husband and sleepy Zane.

These three girls had perfect manners all night and they seemed to enjoy each other immensely. All three had major redeye in the picture. I'll write about how I fix this. Bruce & Mary's great-grandkids.

The beautiful girl had her chin in her hands ... fingers covering her face. I had to ask her twice to let the camera see her. This is the result. Bruce & Mary's oldest greatgrandchild, Antigua.

"Sure," he said, "Go ahead. Take our picture." Sonja & Donny Meyer.

I told her she would love this picture. Cathy & Melvin Just.

Russell and Michelle Wright. Russ belonged to the same Boy Scout troop as my boys. He's now a firefighter in Grand Prairie.

Junior & Barbara Cato.

This is the missing boy. When I first went around the room, he was off playing with some other boys. I guess the food lured him back. Major redeye in this photo also. Granddaughter Susan and her son, Daniel.

Mianqi offered to take a picture of Nita and me. It's at the end. Mianqi and Philip Rushing.

Kirk England is our recently elected state representative.

Kirk's wife, Marcy.

John Olsen and Alice Jenkins.

Cheerful family who sat across the table from us. Ivan & Frances Coghlan and their daughter.

In the first picture both had their eyes closed. His were closed in both. Good picture of her. Bruce & Mary's son, Jim, and his wife, Doris.

Colleen's husband was in Bulgaria buying an (another) airplane. That's a whole 'nother story.

The little boy didn't want me to take his picture. So only the back of his head will go down in history. The girl seems to be taking a dim view of his fuss ... both greatgrandkids.

Judge Bruce and Jan.

Bruce sketched the chapel where he and Mary were married.

Jerry & Leslie Avery.


Nita and Bill.


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