Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nita's Birthday

Nita and I. Her blink reflex is so fast that it's hard to get a picture of her with her eyes open. The corsage is a couple of small red carnations.

Our friend Marvina was sick. Her husband came. Consider some space reserved here for a picture of Fred & Marvina. Our friend, Ellen, had to work. Her husband came. I'll get a picture of them to go in this reserved space as well.

This next couple is Howard & Georgene. I've known Howard for about 20 years. He works as a programmer for CompUSA. In his copious spare time, he gives violin lessons and sells stringed instruments by mail order - violins, violas and cellos. He does minor luthier work to improve the quality of the instruments. He's going to learn to rehair bows. After her kids grew up, Georgene not only finished her degree but went on to get a Masters. She now has her own CPA firm (and four grandchildren).

(Son) Pat & Laurie were the cover story for the surprise. We frequently have dinner with them in the same restaurant. Pat & Laurie teach in the Lewisville Independent School District. Nita says the party was a total surprise. All the guests were cooperative.

We've known Steve and Denise for almost forty years. We met in Greenville, TX ... worked together in Arlington, TX ... two places in Dallas. Our kids are about the same age. Steve has retired from the software wars.

We met our friends Walter & Joyce thru Optimists. Both of them were presidents of our club. Walter is a retired FAA engineer. Joyce teaches in Grand Prairie.

Our friends, David & Jo, are still in Optimists and they were in Abilene for a convention. I'll get a picture of them for inclusion here.


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