Saturday, April 29, 2006

John's Visit

(Brother) John came to the DFW area for continuing education to keep up his certifications in Asbestos Remediation. Nita & I went to dinner with him the two nites he was here. We had a great time. This picture is the best of the ones we took during his visit.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter with Pat and Laurie

Pat and Laurie invited us out for Easter. When we arrived, Stephen was under the weather. Laurie's daughter, Katie, and Katie's step-daughter, Katie Darling came later. An Easter egg hunt was held. The sun was so bright that the viewfinder was useless and the kids moved so fast that I wasn't able to get any "printable" pictures of them. The grownups didn't move as fast so I got all except Katie. I used GIMP to unclutter the backgrounds of the three pix below. The hill behind Pat is purely a "Photoshop" artifact.

Pictures above were taken in full sun ... note squinting, hi contrast ... deep shadows ... harsh light on skin. Before we left, I took some pictures using light from the open sky with sun backlite to put haloes on everyone's saintly head.

Stephen was feeling much better by the time we left. He has grown enormously in the last year.

That's not a halo - it's thin, silver hair!