Friday, July 08, 2005

On the road - Vacation 2005

6/18 – Saturday, up with the chickens … pack the car … head west. You can follow our track on
We followed US 287 from Ft Worth. (type in “us 287, fort worth, tx to Amarillo, tx”). Pretty uneventful. We planned to take I-40 west from AMA to Santa Rosa and US 84 N to I-25. When we got to the middle of AMA, I-40 was blocked solid. We exited on US 287 N to Amarillo Blvd. We went west to Boys’ Ranch Road (Texas 1061). Thru Dalhart … thru Texline. ! The famous sign is missing !
… the road is all torn up. I hope they replace the sign. West thru Clayton to Raton where we pick up I-25. We called (nephew) Charlie from Raton to arrange dinner in Colorado Springs.


Anonymous Howard Lee Harkness said...

The chronology of the entries is not clear. All I see is that you made most of the entries late in the evening -- no dates.

Some interesting pics... Nita is looking well.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

The math is way over my head, but the photos are wonderful!


10:55 AM  

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