Friday, July 08, 2005

Gary & Elizabeth, Homer - Vacation 2005

6/20 Monday: Went to (cousin) Elizabeth and Gary’s (new to them) house. Gary’s been a builder all his life so extensive revisions are underway there too. (Good line from Gary explaining that there was no extensive network of specialist subcontractors in Gunnison: “We started with shovels and ended with vacuum cleaners.”) Timeout to get Homer. Gary and I drove past the golf club where the women’s Open was about to take place and brought Homer back to Gary and Elizabeth’s. Homer looks good. He has persistent low hematocrit. Lately he has been having scary nosebleeds. The docs have him on a meds schedule that keeps him on a tight leash.

A military law case came up. (Homer is a retired Col of JAG; Elizabeth is a retired briefing attorney for the US Appeals Court in Denver.) Homer was an authoritative part of the discussion.


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